What our Students are Saying

Karina is an excellent instructor. I have taken lessons from her for about a year, and she has really helped to improve my game.

She is very knowledgeable, and focuses on building competency in all technical skills. I have seen her work well with both Beginners and Advanced players, and she makes each lesson fun and interesting. She seems to have a good sense of when to push her pupils a little harder, and when to ease up, a nice mix between co-operative and competitive drills. Her expertise when learning about game strategy is also outstanding. 

Tess T, Vancouver, BC

Karina is an excellent pickleball coache and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

You want a coach that knows her stuff, and her experience and knowledge of the sport is exceptional.  She knows the game, the shots, the skills, the strategy – and even more important her ability to teach it all is outstanding.  She are is to accurately assess where you are personally with the game and cater her lessons to improving your play from there.  Karina has the talent to breakdown a skill to its basic components and progressively build it up with engaging instruction and drills.  And if one approach doesn’t work, she tries another and another until they find what works for you.  As you develop, she is excellent at listening and accommodating your changing goals and needs, as well as challenging you to go further. 

Sandra H, Vancouver, BC

Karina is a terrific pickleball coach. She is fun, supportive and very easy to follow. 

Excellent ability to communicate pickleball moves through discussion and through demonstration.Patient – you don’t expect me to get it the first, third or even the sixth time. You keep reinforcing the basics. She is always supportive and enthusiastic. Drills are well explained, demonstrated, and practiced. She empower students through encouragement and by looking for what they do well.

Anne W, West Vancouver, BC

I chose Karina as an instructor because of her coaching experience.

Karina has an analytical mind and can identify skill areas needing development with an efficiency & ease that promotes learning. Karina possesses the capacity to adjust her style of coaching to suit individuals’ learning styles, and I think that’s a sign of an elite coach. Perhaps most importantly, Karina practices what he preaches: “Drill, drill, drill.”

Anonymous, Vancouver, BC

We (my partner Bea and I) just finished a Pickleball class with Karina. We loved it!

She is an amazing teacher with a wonderful easy going, fun personality!

Detlef K, Langley, BC

It’s amazing to have Karina teach my wife and I how to work as a team and develop our skills.  

Having her rally with us and then break down the point and analyze it is so helpful.  She is very skilled we can actually redo the rally exactly as before so that we can play it correctly.  Wonderful!!   

Kevin S, Vancouver, BC

Karina is the best!

Each are able to see the next simple change to improve your technique. With her depth of expertise, she gives step by step progressions. Its always enlightening. If you want more Enjoyment, Satisfaction and the Feel of owning the court, here is the answer: book in with Karina!

Carol, Vancouver, BC